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Department of Psychology & Human Development



The programs offered in the department include: Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology, Diploma in Counseling Psychology and Diploma in Social Work and Community Development.

The career paths for these program are as follows: -

  1. i.Counselling Psychologists
  2. ii.Work/ Occupation Pathways

Some are employed in: -

  1. i)Colleges and universities as teachers, researchers and service providers (e.g., in university counseling centers).
  2. ii)Independent practice, providing counseling, assessment and consultation services to individuals, couples, families and organizations.
  3. iii)Community mental health centers,
  4. iv)Hospitals and other medical facilities,
  5. v)Rehabilitation agencies, and
  6. vi)Business and industrial organizations


  1. a)Educational Pathway

Counseling psychologists complete: -

  • 4 years of under graduate course - Bachelor’s degree,
  • 2 years of graduate course – Master’s degree
  • Minimum 3 years doctoral-level training – PhD.


You are here: Home >> Departments >> Psychology & Human Development