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Department of Fashion , Clothing & Textile

The Department of Fashion, Clothing and Textile Studies has been established out of the programmes on clothing technology, fashion design, and garment making, which were previously in the Department of Institutional Management. The department is founded on the principle that clothing plays a vital role in meeting man’s basic needs. Clothing and Textile industry has been an important driver of world leading economies and it’s potential to contribute to developing countries long term growth and development cannot be overlooked. The Department of Fashion, clothing and Textile Studies therefore aims at playing a leading role in economic and social development of Kenya, other developing countries and the world at large by providing experts in textile, fashion design, clothing, hairdressing and beauty therapy who are able to apply existing knowledge in novel ways to create new systems and opportunities as well as adapt existing technologies to boost the relevant industries. The department strongly believes that creativity, technology and craftsmanship must be seamless, and that is why graduates have a clear and practical edge over their peers.

The Department offers certificate, diploma and degree programmes focusing on Fashion, clothing & Design Technology, Textile Technology, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy. It is considered that by offering programmes at the technology level in this area TUK will be bridging a major gap in the profession of clothing and textile engineering and technology and Hair and Beauty industry. Our certificate, diploma and degree programmes aim to educate and train graduates to be creative, cultured, responsible individuals with a broad vision who can take charge in fashion and textile design, hairdressing and beauty therapy industries. sectors on local or international levels. The facilities of the department provide the students with the necessary knowledge and experience they will need in their professional work life. Our graduate programmes involve the study of design, commerce, industry and research based approaches. Artistic and creative problem-solving strategies and techniques are a part of the studies. Students learn an experimental and conceptual approach to creating fashion, clothing, textile, surface and colour concepts and collections of a high international standard.

The programmes equip students with the knowledge and skills to innovate and re-think current practices in fashion, clothing and textiles design and production as well as design business and industry. The students learn to analyze the practices and phenomena in fashion, clothing, textiles and design and students gain an understanding of design research methods and learn to apply them in creative, academic, societal and business contexts. The programmes also prepare students for more advanced studies.

You are here: Home >> Departments >> Fashion , Clothing & Textile