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School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies

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The Technical University of Kenya
P.O. Box 52428 - 00200
Nairobi- Kenya.
Located along Haile Selassie Avenue
Tel: +254(020) 2219929, 3341639, 3343672

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Quality Objectives

  1. To provide quality technological education and training for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the fields of hospitality, leisure, event and tourism.
  2. To establish a functional management structure and systems that promotes efficient, cost-effective, and timely delivery of programs and services to our students and other stakeholders.
  3. To create and deliver programs and services that enhance the productivity, quality and contribution of hospitality, leisure and tourism to sustainable social, economic and cultural development as well as environmental conservation and resource stewardship in local communities and counties.
  4. To promote inter-institutional collaboration, partnerships and networks with our peers, public and private organizations in the areas of teaching, research and knowledge creation, innovation and technological transfer, joint programming, student and faculty exchange nationally and globally.
  5. To establish an infrastructure with programs and resources to attract high quality students, develop and retain high calibre staff
  6. To enhance financial sustainability of our programs and operations through enhanced consultancy, commercial and enterprise activities
  7. To provide quality student focused support services
  8. To continually improve the quality of our educational, training, research, and outreach as well as extension programs and services
  9. To maintain a fair and creative work environment that promotes and respects academic freedom and freedom of expression, liberty, diversity in all forms, and hard work.

Mission , Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

  • To develop high quality technological, innovative, entrepreneurial and application oriented graduates and employees for the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries.
  • To promote basic, applied and action research aimed at generating knowledge and solutions to problems facing the hospitality, leisure, and tourism industries.
  • To design and deliver quality extension, outreach and consultancy programs and services in support of efforts towards sustainable hospitality, leisure services, and tourism development in local communities and counties.


  • To be the leading technological, innovative, entrepreneurial and application-oriented world class School of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Management in the region.

Core Values

  • Commitment to excellence in education, training, and cost-effective delivery of quality results and services
  • Respect, responsiveness and compassion towards students and staff
  • Collegiality and team spirit
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Fairness and equitable allocation of resources and opportunities to students and staff
  • Upholding academic freedom and truthfulness in the pursuit, generation, dissemination and application of knowledge.
  • Creativity, industry, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Appreciation and celebration of diversity in all forms including ethnicity, race, gender, difference of opinion and thought systems
  • Commitment to sustainable development of hospitality, leisure and tourism resources
  • Collaboration, partnership and networking with external and internal stakeholders within our fields of expertise
  • Respect and upholding the spirit of the Kenyan Constitution, UNWTO Code of Ethics, and the KPUC Service Charter.

    About The School

    The School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies is one of the oldest academic units at the university, having been established in 1964 as the Department of Institutional Management. SHTS produces highly competent, technological and application-oriented leaders, practitioners and managers for the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries the School has four distinct academic units namely 

    The School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies is focused in producing internationally competent practitioners and managers in the service industries. Graduates of the Diploma and Bachelor of Technology join the industry as Supervisors, Tour and Travel guides, Event Planners, Chefs, Hotel  and Restaurant Managers, Executive Housekeepers, Laundry Operators, Tourism Advisors, Consultants and Strategists while certificate holders are competent operations personnel.

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